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Darling Drama Queen:
I'm sorry things have been so hard between us over the past few weeks. I do want respect from you and I do want a nicer attitude from you. I am trying very hard to be patient and to work with you on being better by being the best I can be. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying. You've got a long way to go, but you're trying.
With all that said, I love you so very much.
I cannot believe how beautiful and big you are, not my tiny snuggly baby anymore, but still as beautiful and lovely as the day you were born.
You're cute, funny, nonjudgmental, not prejudice, tolerant of others. I love your sweet voice when you belt out those awful rock songs you like. I love hearing you sing them. I love your shrieks of delight when you get a school project done or when something funny happens on TV, and your screams of terror when you see a bug.
You're such a complex, complicated, delightful, irritating, loveable, sweet, gorgeous, stubborn and magnificent girl.
Thank you for letting me be your mom.
Thank you for these eleven and a half years, for all the good times, and even for the few bad times. It's because of you that I'm the good mother that I am, to you and your little sister. Thank you for showing me that I could be a mother. Thank you for coming into my life.
I will always always always love you.
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