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To my 11-day-old daughter.

I just found this in my diaper bag; she is 4.5 weeks now and recovering nicely.

To my dearest Lucy,
I write this from a rocking chair next to your tiny bed in the ICU at Children's Hospital. Today we learned you had a heart condition. You were very sick and you had an operation to correct the problem.
Today, I have seen you go from being a very sick newborn to being a pink and recovering baby. You have tubes and wires everywhere--so many that it is overwhelming--but you are OK and are on the road to health.
I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again, my Lucy girl--to breathe in your sweet scent, feel your arm clinging to my shoulder, nurse you again.
Lucy, though you weren't a planned addition to our family, you were and are most wanted. You are so very precious to us. The thought of losing you now--when I am only just getting to know you--shook me to my core, and reminded me of what is truly important to me. You and your brothers and sisters are the most important people in my life (Daddy too). I am grateful and blessed to be your mother, and thrilled that you found a way to come and be my daughter through so many obstacles. Thank you for your strength and perseverance through your illness and recovery.
Thank you for staying.
I love you,

ETA: Pictures of Lucy's stay in the ICU
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