I cared not for consequences but wrote (elorie) wrote in note_to_kid,
I cared not for consequences but wrote

To the sixth grade Romeo...

Dear Son,

I am sorry your hot date to the sixth grade dance didn't work out so well. Even though you didn't inform me until the day before about changes to your schedule *ahem*.

So, the cheerleader who agreed to meet you at the dance turned you down and refused the toy snake you so kindly offered to give her? Well, I guess it's never too early to learn that lesson. There are a couple of problems there; first...a cheerleader? That hardly ever bodes well. Second, a first not-really-date is far too early in the relationship to be offering tokens of affection, however seasonally appropriate.

Meanwhile, the girl who took part of your shift at the haunted house seems to be eyeing you. Trust your mother; she is a much better prospect. Give her the toy snake, and forget the cheerleader.


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